Friday, 28 March 2014

Being Touchy

I’m glad Kevin has decided to stop getting at Tyrone so much. It just wasn’t fair, after everything Tyrone’s had to put up with. Sally reminded Kevin of everything, in a great long litany in Roy’s Rolls. Not just that business of Kevin’s affair with Molly (who got crushed by a tram, cursed during her dying breath by a vengeful Sally) and Kevin taking his infant son from him – but there was all that to-do with being accused of beating up his girlfriend. The mad one, the policewoman who gave birth to Ruby. Remember? And I’d forgotten all that. Then there was his getting back together with Fizz – which, while a good thing, must be hard work, what with Fizz acting all kind of noble and good these days. She takes umbrage quite easily and makes those funny cooing noises when she’s happy. And, above all, you have to remember that Tyrone has Margi Clarke for a mother. All in all, he could do with being cut a bit of slack.

Then we had more of that whole storyline about Phelan, the menacing Scouser bandit who’s stepped out of ‘Brookside’ circa 1989. Almost twenty minutes devoted to the saga of the stolen tiles and faked invoices and ‘doing a foreigner’. Gary, I have no patience with at all, since he’s the cause of the whole palaver, as far as I can see – hitting the gangster with the plank in the first place, and then leaving him for dead. Plus, he goes about in the same checky, fleece-lined hoody from Primark that I bought some time after New Year in their sale, and he’s put me off it, frankly. When I wear it I feel like I’m on a building site as the sun goes down, hunting for a half-dead psycho in the sand.

Then there was Gail acting all twitchy about being home alone at night. She’s nervy from disturbing Les Dennis pawing through her nick-nacks, and she fears he might come back. She was hanging out at the Bistro, guzzling their white wine, and Nick started suggesting she get some therapy along the lines he’s had to get over his anger issues / brain damage. Usually her Nick can’t do wrong but this time her eyes flared red from underneath that fringe. How dare he suggest she needs treatment? She put him down sharply, and he, of course, winced, as is his wont.

Gail’s always taken everything so personally – that’s what I was thinking, watching this snippy exchange. That’s been her problem, all along. She’s touchy. I guess that’s comes of having Audrey as a mother. I can remember the episode Audrey first turned up – a brash, tarty Brummie, desperate for a man. Even Elsie Tanner – Gail’s surrogate mum - raised an eyebrow when Audrey dredged up for Gail’s 21st / engagement party in 1979. Gail went on like Audrey was the cross she had to bear. An albatross in a raincoat with flapping arms and a shrewd eye.

I realise, as I write, that I could go on about Gail’s touchiness for quite some time.


  1. Oh yes, our Nick does a fine line in wincing. :) Loved the bit about Gary putting you off your hoody!

    1. it has! i feel funny wearing it now.